Our Cocktail Mixes

Our cocktail mixes offer the very best of House. Blended and bottled by our expert bartenders for your pleasure. These delicious pre-made cocktails are the easiest way to enjoy real cocktails from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is just chill, pour and enjoy.

Porn Star Martini

Hey good lookin’.

Passion for the good things in life clearly comes naturally to you. So enjoy this Pornstar Martini, a Handcrafted Superior blend brought to you by the House Dublin expert bartenders.

Made with vodka, passionfruit, pineapple and the warming spice of ripe vanilla liqueur (the only thing vanilla about it), this little beauty is best served over ice for an experience that really hits the spot. Feeling indulgent? Pour into a coupe and top with prosecco for that special extra fizz.

Espresso Martini

Italians do it better.

Or so they said, until they tasted this, a finest of the fine Handcrafted Superior Espresso Martini blend from the expert bartenders at House Dublin.

In this bottle you’ll find vodka, freshly brewed espresso coffee, espresso liqueur and a sprinkling of sugar for that extra somethin’ somethin’. Keep in the fridge and pour into a coupe over ice for a sip of refreshing pep in the step perfection. Chef’s kiss. Scratch that. Bartender’s kiss.


The perfect blend of sweet, sour and make it chic, behold – the Cosmopolitan, queen of cocktails. And just like that, it stands to reason this House Handcrafted Superior blend has found its way to your home, ready to be savoured.

Carrie & Co. may have made this cocktail famous but it’s enduring appeal lies in its incredible taste. The House Dublin cocktail experts have created this delectable drink by blending to perfection vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice and fresh lime juice. Serve chilled in a coupe glass without ice to amplify the stunning flavours of this most fabulous blush pink drink.

Tutu optional. How Cosmopolitan.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Partial to a Strawberry Daiquiri? Us too. Named after the Cuban town it was invented in (Daiquiri, to be clear), this House Handcrafted Blend has been created for you by the genius cocktail minds behind House Dublin. It’s all sorts of sweet deliciousness, with white rum, strawberry puree and lime juice to boot.

And should you suddenly find yourself coming over all charismatic, don’t be surprised. You’re in good company – the strawberry daiquiri was both Ernest Hemingway and JFK’s cocktail of choice. Blend with ice, pour into a coupe glass and finish with a slice of fresh lime for full icon effect. Add your own Irish twist and it’s the Emerald Daiquiri. Just don’t forget to tag us.